Keepers of Pyrite is a rogue-like dungeon crawler that combines the best facets of fast paced top down action adventures to create a compelling and engaging single player or coop experience.

The Ancient Stone protected Cedar Village against the horde forces of the overworld for centuries. It gave the villagers the strength and power to fight back against their enemies, and protect their home. It’s protection overseen by the ancient village mystic, Granosh, who it’s said was older then time itself. The Stones protection lasted for many years, but rumours circulated, and myths were born, and nothing lasts forever. One day an evil demon known as Duriko, infiltrated the village, stealing the Stone and kidnapping Granosh. The village was left without their protection and without the ability to fight against the overworlds evil forces.

A town meeting was called. It was decided the village would choose a brave group of experienced fighters to seek out Duriko and return what was stolen. But no one in the village had the confidence to accept the quest. Not one of the mighty warriors believed they could stand up to Duriko without the stone. They thought they were weak and unable to defend themselves without it’s protection. When all seemed lost, a group of younglings rose to the occasion. “We will accept the challenge”, you said. Too young to understand the dangers you face, the group were bundled out the gates, sent on a quest of which they were not expected to return.

Your group ventures out alone, but you soon discover you might not be alone in your quest, and all may not be as it seems. While you start out with only limited powers, your spirit is determined, and the dedicated to save your homeland is unwavering. Your experience pushes you to learn new skills, and use newly found tomes, in order to rescue Granosh, and return the Ancient Stone to it’s rightful place.